Super Shopping Secrets

Top: Madewell | Scarf: J.Crew Factory | Pants: Anthropologie (old, but similar styles here and here) | Boots: Old, but similar idea here and here | Handbag: Kate Spade, similar | Sunglasses: Jessica Simpson, similar | On My Lips: MAC 'Vegas Volt'

Have I ever told you what an excellent bargain shopper I am? I mean, I'm pretty professional at shopping at general (ha.), but when it comes to getting a deal, I've never met a sale rack I didn't get along with.
These pants, for example, are probably my greatest Anthropologie score to date. $20, friends. Twenty. Dollars.
Every item in this outfit, in fact, I got on some sort of sale. 
The scarf (which, trust me, you probably need) was half off at the J.Crew Factory store, and the handbag I practically stole from the Kate Spade surprise sale I told you about here, which I hope you took advantage of. 

So let me let you in on a few of my super-est shopping secrets.

1. Shop sale racks.
-- Shopping sales doesn't mean you'll only end up with last year's stuff or stuff that's out of style (though sometimes that can be the case). If you do a little homework on what's hot ahead of time, you can likely find some gems hidden among those 60% off clearance beauties.

-- Also keep an eye out for online sales. Many big companies offer additional discounts on sale items quite often.
Madewell, for example, is currently offering 25% off all sale styles. Which includes the shirt I'm wearing above.

2. Three words: Daily. Deals. Websites.
-- My favorites are HauteLook and Gilt. Both offer name brand items at up to 60% off retail prices and update their selection daily.

3. Invest in quality goods.
-- When I was working as a fashion reporter, I once got backlash from a reader who was outraged that I would advise people to buy rainboots that cost more than $100. And I'll tell y'all the same thing I told him:
I've owned a lot of shoes and rainboots in my life. I've owned no-name brands and designer brands and everything between, and I'll let you guess which are still sitting in my closet, looking new after lots of wear. In my opinion and experience, it makes more sense to pay more money for one pair of quality shoes than pay a smaller amount of money over and over to replace cheap shoes.
It's like Vivienne Westwood said, "Buy less. Choose more."

-- I'd also cautiously advise you (I say cautiously because I don't want your husbands/boyfriends/sugar daddies coming after me with pitchforks) that it's OK to spoil yourself a little sometimes. Though I'm a firm, firm believer that clothes do not, in fact, make the woman, there's just something to be said for how you feel when you're wearing something great.
Also, I've observed that people typically take better care of items they've worked, saved or spent a little more for.

Investment pieces, In My Humble Opinion:
A pair of great pumps
A pair of great boots/booties
Winter/Snow Boots
Rain Boots
A great handbag 
Skincare products
Lipstick (don't laugh, I'm seriously serious.)

4. Don't get consumed by "trendy"
-- "Trendy is the last stage before tacky" - Karl Lagerfeld
If you like it, wear it. And, what's more, rock it.

Happiest Monday, friends. Remember that kindness matters. 

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