Today, he's Tangled.

Today, Jack is Tangled.
He has tenderly hijacked one of my scarves and converted it into his imaginary "Tangled long hair."
"I Tangled!" He proudly proclaims, wrapping a short end around his neck and allowing the other 4 feet to drag behind him on the ground in accurate Rapunzel style.
It comes as no surprise to me because Jack has an adorable obsession with hair, so of course Tangled is his favorite movie and Rapunzel is his preferred princess.
It goes everywhere with him, this new little accessory, and he absolutely will not allow it to be wrapped around his neck to serve its intended function, but it must drag behind him on the ground. Because it's not a scarf.
"Here comes Tangled-long-hair!" He exclaims as he comes down the stairs, watching it cascade behind him.

I wish I could bottle his innocence, but once again, I'm reminded how quickly he's growing into an independent, brilliant little boy who meets the world with reckless abandon and believes that life is the coolest thing ever. And it is.

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