Why Essential Oils?

I'm a lover of anything that enhances a healthy and happy lifestyle.
Waves crashing on a beach. The sand between my toes.
These are just a few therapeutic remedies for my mind, body and soul, and their benefits stem from the fact that they each drive me to employ all five of my senses - sometimes simultaneously.

Aromatherapy was the first reason I began using essential oils. Scents have a powerful affect on me. They are tied to memories and moods. They are calming, energizing and empowering.
So frankly, when I began using Young Living essential oils, it was because I wanted a diffuser and a collection of oils to make my house smell spa-like. That was it.

It wasn't until I cracked open that pretty kit that I discovered that essential oils' benefits span far beyond aromatherapy, but actual physical and mental wellness, too. Even now, I'm still learning about the benefits of using them aromatically, topically on my skin and even internally - something I never would have dreamed of doing with the brands I bought years ago from Whole Foods (which is a good thing, because you should never use essential oils topically or internally unless you've researched them first. Many oils labeled "pure" still aren't safe for these uses. I feel comfortable using Young Living oils on my skin and inside my body because of their Seed to Seal program.)

Now, I use essential oils quite literally every day. I'll share about my experiences here, as well as on my Instagram account, @barefoot.essentials.
If you're interested in learning more (I promise it's not just hype. I will never share anything here that I do not wholeheartedly love or believe in), follow along!

If you're local to the Salt Lake City area and would like to attend an in-person or online class on essential oils, send me an email for information on my upcoming classes.

Or if you've seen and read enough and would like to just dive in yourself, you can click here to get started with your own wholesale membership!



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